Fallsoft® - Personnel Retrieval Winches / Self-Retracting Lifeline - Synthetic Rope

The Retractable Rope Lifelines protect workers from free falls and assures them of a smooth fall arrest while still allowing freedom of movement.

The fall protection function of the lifeline is automatic. Constant light tension on the rope, attached to the worker’s harness, keeps the lifeline taut and above the workers waist.

In the event of a fall, the inertia brake system is automatically activated to arrest the fall within 2' (0.6m) with a force less than 900 lbs (405 kg).

  • Light weight.
  • Steel, galvanized/painted housing.
  • Synthetic rope lanyard w/low electrical conductivity.
  • Brake system composed of stainless steel & bronze parts.
  • Stress indicator indicates a fall.

Available Models

  • GM940-20 – 20' (6 m) length
  • GM941-25 – 25' (7.5 m) length
  • GM942-30 – 30' (9 m) length