Fallsoft® - Work Positioning / Portable Transformer Base

GM137A portable base for use on transformers that attaches to three bolts on a manway cover – ideal for use where there are no permanent mounting plates on the face of the transformer.

  • Comes with 5/8” (15.8 mm) and 3/4” (19 mm) male and female mounting hardware.
  • Folds up for ease of transporting.

If the manway cover is held on with 1/2” (12.7 mm) bolts, an optional GM187 Spreader Bar Kit will be required in addition to the above mounting hardware.

Images from top left:

  • GM137A Portable Transformer Base in open position.
  • GM137A Portable Transformer Base in open position with GM200A Anchorage Connector.
  • GM137A Portable Transformer Base folded up for transport, shown with male & female mounting studs as well as an optional GM187 Spreader Bar Kit.