Industrial Access & Power Generation / Throat Maintenance Work Platform

Throat Maintenance Work Platforms provide personnel access across the boiler throat, through a series of portable aluminum planks that straddle the throat area.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction, with recessed carrying handles and a non-skid checker plate deck surface.
  • Tool-free assembly.
  • Modular design accommodates multiple length configurations.
  • 20” wide panels fit easily through openings.
  • Designed for harsh environment use.
  • Meets applicable OSHA requirements.

Available in two configurations:

Interlocking Deck System

  •  Interlocking panels provide a continuous work surface.
  • Vertical stabilizer braces adjust to contact the throat face.
  • Feet adjust to keep the deck level on the sloped surface, conforming to the contour of the boiler and accommodating throat tube deflections.
  • 32 lbs weight typical.
  • 15” starter panel.

For applications that have encountered significant slope damage (thermal distortion, “clinker” impact), or where multiple size boiler use is desired, WINSAFE has developed a new throat scaffolding system that provides an even greater range of adjustment.

Individually Adjustable Deck System

  • Adjusts to provide 36” to 60” coverage.
  • Decks are set in place individually, following the changes in level resulting from the tube damage.
  • Support feet and throat engagement legs telescope to the required extension; spring-loaded locking pins engage automatically to maintain position.
  • Hinged panels at the ends of each deck cover the end gaps through the full adjustment range.
  • 50 lbs weight typical.

Where full adjustment range is not required (36” to 46”), decks without hinged side panels can be accommodated by special order (40 lbs weight typical).

 Available Models

  • IA1702 – Individually adjustable, 30" to 46" throat range
  • IA1481 – Individually adjustable, 36" to 60" throat range
  • Other throat opening ranges can be made available by special request.

Installation Instructions - Interlocking
Installation Instructions - Individually Adjustable