Large Area Work Platforms / Industrial Access Platforms

For those applications where standard frame or tube and clamp scaffolds take too long to install or just won't work, a custom designed platform may be the solution.

WINSAFE has built worker access platforms for a variety of industries where quickly erected and dismantled work decks are required, or where long term construction work warrants development of a custom platform.

Shown in the photo is a sef-propelled Lock Maintenance Platform, used to access the vertical faces of dams and locks. The machine has hydraulically driven wheels and booms and a drum winch to raise and lower the platform.

WINSAFE builds access equipment to suit almost any application, including:

  • Pulp and Paper Digesters: Fold-down platforms for batch digesters and full area platforms for continuous digesters.
  • Bridges: Platforms for accessing the underside or the superstructure of a bridge.
  • Smoke Stacks: Exterior and interior circular platforms and suspension systems.
  • Confined Space Applications: Customized suspension systems and work platforms to make working in confined spaces safer and more efficient.
  • Dams: Specialized suspended platforms that run on the face of the dam, or through the penstock.
  • Boilers: Large area platforms that can be passed through small openings and assembled for suspension inside the boiler.
  • Construction: Suspended platforms for specialized applications, such as ceiling restoration and wall recladding.
  • Theatre and Sport Facilities: Suspension systems for access to lighting, acoustical and sports equipment.