Modular Outrigger Beams & Suspension / Overhang Beam

An Overhang Beam lets you reach those areas below on overhang or cornice. The fully adjustable components allow you to reach up to 5' down and 4' under an overhang.

The "Down and Under" assembly constsis of two beams and two galvanized steel corner braces. These components pin to a mid beam section of the modular outrigger system for roof support.

Available Models

  • WSOR83 – 5' down & 4' return
  •                   – 6', 11" down & 4' return
    (or use a standard WSOR37 8' mid beam section in place of the vertical beam in the WSOR83 kit)
  • Custom vertical and return lengths can be made by special request.

Operating Instructions