Modular Suspended Platforms / BoilerMod

Based on the same design principles as our SuperMod modular suspended platform system, the BoilerMod system incorporates features which allow its components to fit through restricted clearance (18") door openings without sacrificing strength or durability:

  • Low profile walk-by stirrups.
  • Shorter trusses (additional intermediate railings are used to provide necessary midrail protection).
  • Unique hinged floor sections which fold in half during handling.

Available in the same section lengths as SuperMod (1/2 M, 1 M, 2M and 3 M), to provide the same degree of customization and flexibility.

Add-on's include:

  • Bumper rollers (6" wide, 6" wide multi-fit, 12" wide)
  • Swivel casters

Available Standard Items
Operating Instructions