Tirmaster / Tirmaster Drop Stop

The Drop Stop is a safety device designed to provide additional safety for workers on suspended platforms, or in applications where there is a requirement to catch and securely hold a load.

The Drop Stop contains a set of self-energized grip jaws, similar to those found in Tirmaster hoists. This mechanism has a proven record of effectiveness and reliability.

The Drop Stop is designed to be mounted on a steel wire rope. As the device is pushed upwards, the jaws automatically open, allowing the rope to pass through. When a pull is exerted on the Drop Stop, the jaws automatically close on the wire rope and grip it with a degree of tightness as determined by the weight of the load.

The Drop Stop is fitted with a removable fastening shackle, through which it is possible to pass the loop of a sling the other end of which would be attached securely to the platform or the load.

When used in conjunction with Tirmaster hoists or any other type of lifting device the Drop Stop can be mounted directly on the wire rope of the hoist (primary), or on an independent wire rope (secondary).

When Drop Stops are used on independent wire ropes, along with the main hoist units on a suspended platform, the end result is equivalent to four wire suspensions. With this arrangement, the workers are usually permitted to work without separate life lines (using a horizontal "dog" line on the platform instead).

The Drop Stop catches and securely holds a load or a wire rope under tension, thereby freeing the Tirmaster used for lifting the load or tensioning the rope for another job.  Complete safety is ensured, since the Drop Stop under tension can only be unlocked by the Tirmaster itself.

Available Model

  • W004 – T7 Drop Stop